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Robotic Implant Center & Oral Surgery

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Dental Implants

The Highest Quality Dental Implants Guaranteed For Life!

Dr. Kotary combines his surgical skill with the benefits of precise robotic surgery. This new alternative to traditional surgical techniques means you’ll get a perfect smile that’s fully customized, totally natural and virtually painless!

Oral Surgery

tooth extractions At a Price Worth Smiling About‎

There are a variety of reasons why you may need a tooth or teeth removed. You may have a wisdom tooth that is impacted; a diseased tooth that can’t be saved; or overcrowded teeth that need to be removed so more room can be created to facilitate proper alignment during treatment!

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It’s perfect for individuals, families, and employers of all sizes.

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Meet Dr. Kotary

Dr. Eddie Kotary DMD Has Placed And Restored More Robotic Assisted Implants Than Anyone In The World!

And The First surgeon to reach 100 Robotic Assisted surgeries!

Yomi is the first and only FDA-cleared robotic device for dental implant surgery. Yomi provides robotic guidance to enhance the expertise of Dr. Kotary’s surgical skills and delivers customized surgical precision

Dr. Kotary is excellent at what he does and is a nice guy

“Dr. Kotary has been my dentist for three years. He also takes care of my two daughters. My teeth have very deep roots, and Dr. Kotary (Eddie), is the best oral surgeon for removing a tooth that I have ever had. I have had three implants done with Dr. Kotary, and everyone has been perfect. He used the Yomi robot to assist in the insertion of the implants, which was important because my roots go very close to my sinus cavity, and he was able to avoid any issues. Dr. Kotary is excellent at what he does and is a nice guy.”

– Allan W.

Am I A Candidate?

98% of people are candidates for implants

If you want a smile that makes you feel good, then you’re probably a candidate for dental implants. Most people can benefit from high-quality dental work, helping them to smile more, live comfortably and feel great about themselves.

Kotary YOMI implant Center & Oral Surgery is ready to brighten your day, with customized treatment plans for shining new smiles.

I’m Ready to Smile with Confidence!

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placed and restored more robotic implants than anyone in the world!

His office was first class and his staff was wonderful

“I broke my crown on my front tooth, which I’ve had done over 20 years ago to the point where my local dentists said I had no choice but to get an implant. I’m a Film and TV actor and was really distressed talking to my local people in Philadelphia area because they were saying it was a 4-6 month process and obviously had concerns with the quality of work with my profession.

Thank goodness I stated my dilemma on Facebook and one of my friends suggested that Dr. Kotary in Charleston was the leader in Robotic Dental Implants and the process was far superior and quicker than traditional methods.

I consulted with Dr. Kotary and was confident with his plan. I drove down to Charleston (10 hours drive) and had the procedure yesterday. The process was surprisingly painless (I AM THE BIGGEST BABY WHEN I COMES TO PAIN AND ESPECIALLY DENTISTS) and I literally felt well enough and drove back home that day.

I woke up this morning and have relatively no pain from the procedure. I should be back to normal in 2 months versus the 4-6 months the other dentists were stating.

His office was first class and his staff was wonderful.

So, i can say the extra effort in traveling was well worth it. I will be happy to put a followup review once the process is totally complete.


– Lyman C.

Dental care with a caring, personal touch

“As always, Dr. Kotary and Staff live up to their high standards for the provision of professional dental health care with a caring, personal touch.”

Kathy F.

In Practice For 20+ Years!

Second to none.
15 stars!

“Tech-savvy and diligent. second to none. 15 stars! helping people achieve the best version of themselves.”

– Alexander

Every appointment is a breeze

“I highly recommend Dr. Kotary. I came to Dr. Kotary after previous dentistry complications. He was completely honest with me and fixed all of the issues with care. Not only is he very skilled and helpful, his staff is absolutely wonderful, welcoming and makes every appointment a breeze.”

– Brandi C.

Dr. Eddie is always great

“I have been going here since I was a little girl. They are always nice and always willing to help. Dr. Eddie is always great. Feel safe, and know I am in good hands. They are honest and explained anything I had questions or concerns about.”

– Jen

Patients of All Ages, Including Seniors and Children

Great dental care in town

“The staff is very friendly and professional. Great dental care in town.”

– Ningxiao L.

100% Would Recommend This Dentistry

“100% would recommend this dentistry. Staff is all extremely knowledgeable and polite. Exceptional Service.”

– Frank C.

State-of-the-art Technology

Very professional

Very professional. The staff always let me know what to expect during the procedure.

– Karen L.

Very caring and there for me!!

“Very kind ppl! They helped me get through what I needed done and were very caring and there for me!!”

– Jessica B.

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